Product Development

Business Development

If you are a foreign supplier desiring to enter our United States domestic market, we can provide a comprehensive step-by-step approach to designing your market entry strategy. We assess both your product and your specific needs and go to work in developing the best entry strategy to address:

Distribution channels


Actual implementation and Market support.

You can be confident that we will be with you all the way to ensure your successful entry and establishment in our domestic market.

Customized International Market Development

For U.S. domestic and foreign suppliers who are interested in developing an international market for their product line, we will be happy to evaluate your company and product offering and decide how we might be able to help you.

With our skills and experience in designing and conducting international market research, we may be able to help you by offering the following customized services:

Research that focuses on market intelligence as it relates to your specific product

Information on trade regulations that affect your business in the foreign

Distribution channels

Logistics and a complete package of services to our clients.

  Product Development
In order to support built-in market advantages in product development, we frequently work with our clients’ in-house new product development staff to form a team to share resources that will make for a more effective and efficient process in product design, features and intended benefits for projected target markets.

Our involvement at this stage will help the manufacturer/supplier client to:

Streamline the product development process to conform to market requirements while    focusing on cost efficiency

Benefit from our independent objectivity and experienced focus on the demand of the   marketplace

Reduce their risk of introducing inappropriate products to the market

Benefit from our expertise in establishing procedures for more complex multi-project   assignments

Maximize product marketing potential.

U.S. Presence for Foreign Companies

We can help you create a U.S. presence for your company by opening a subsidiary or branch office.

Our services can provide you with a U.S. address in any major city, telephone and fax.

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