2005 JMP New ST series provide more effient solution for sea water staraines. Daewoo Heavy Industries nominate JMP strainers for all Daewoo marine engines. Please see more details

Air Cap for removing Air in the cylinder Stainless Baskets with Chrome plated and Hand Grips provide install and remove easily.
The Strong Bronze Body guaranetees long life. The Center load provides easy to install the basket into the cylinder.
The 8mm thickness strong and transparent cylinder.

O-rings provide Better Sealing under High Pressure.

Stainless Wing Nuts provide Easy locking and opening the cover The Zinc Anode provides Anti-corrosion

 Easy Installation
 Easy Maintenance and Cleaning
 Protects Your Pumps and Engines

Port Size 11/2"(NPT/BSP) 2"(NPT/BSP) 21/2"(NPT/BSP) 3"(NPT/BSP)
Top Casting Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze
Bottom Casting Bronze Bronze Bronze Bronze
Basket Stainless Stainless Stainless Stainless
Seal O-ring O-ring O-ring O-ring
Size(AxBxC, mm) 207x290x210 207x390x210 260x465x235 260x465x235
Cylinder(Dia x H,mm) 180x190 180x290 210x250 210x250
Weight(Appx.) 9.4kg 9.8kgs 17.8kgs 17.5kgs

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