As you know, Flexible impellers are the most important part in Flexible impeller pumps.

We improve the impeller performance by special surface coating, decreasing wear and tear so the impellers can last for long time. We recommended you should change the impeller every year. We can guarantee that you will have great satisfaction with JMP flexible impellers.

Neoprene Neoprene impellers are the standard impeller used in most flexible impeller pumps. It offers a wide range of chemical resistant properties.
Temperature range: 45 ¢µ ~ 180 ¢µ
Nitrile Nitrile impellers offer compatibility with oil products. It handles a wide range of oils, oil and water emulsions(or bilge), diesel fuel, lower fraction hydrocarbons, kerosene, lubricationg and machine oil.
Temperature range: 50 ¢µ ~ 180 ¢µ
Notice : Generally Nitrile impeller's performance is below 10% that of neoprene.
Nature Rubber Sanitary Neoprene impellers are used in the hygienic flexible impeller pumps for applications pumping food, beverage and pharmaceutical products.
Temperature range: 22 ¢µ ~ 120 ¢µ

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