Vapor Machine Characteristics

Helps save Water

Minimum use of water is used in removing all foreign material and dirt off the car surface under high pressure steam with only about 2 liters of water per car.

Not Harmful To The Surface

Machine is regulated to a proper temperature of steam that will not harm the car surface and is safe for all car finishes.

Environmental Friendly

There is no waste of water preserving our water resources and leaving very little evidence that a car was detailed at the spot. No sewer disposal facilities needed.

Fully Automatic

Machine is operated easily with a touch of a button


Machine can be transported easily in a SUV van and Pick Up. It can be wheeled from car to car without any electrical hook-up since it uses propane.

Saves You Time

It does the job between 5-15 minutes depending on the size of the vehicle.

Economical Price

For a fraction of the cost of a premium hand car wash, we can produce better results.

Recommended Locations

Established Car Wash
Parking Lots Condos or    Business Offices
Gas Stations, Mobile    Detailers, Body Shops

Type of Installation

The Clean 1300 can be used anywhere because the system uses propane gas which is held on the base of the machine.


Can do engine detailing, clean rubberized trimmings of the car , as well as take of grime and residual of windshields. Can even do car upholstering and clean air conditioning vents.

Vapor Car Detailing Machine  

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