WAVE ATTENUATORS: Purpose Driven Designs

Proven, Dependable, Affordable

From daily 2 boat wakes to extreme 5 wave conditions, HDB Marine builds the broadest selection of successful wave attenuators in the marine industry. We know that your time is valuable and you need answers now! We encourage you to review our reference list and watch videos of some of our outstanding wave attenuator projects.

Rapid Design Assistance The HDB 5 Step Process

Site Analysis: Gather specifics regarding your goals and site conditions
Area Review: Develop preliminary wave analysis
Project Development: Review solutions/values with you and your engineers
Design Proposal: Engineer final design for approval
Completion: Manufacture and Install ASAP

Design Options Include:

  • Independent floating wave attenuators
  • Wave attenuators incorporated into revenue producing docks
  • Heavy duty steel with polyethylene encased flotation
  • Heavy duty wood beam
  • Medium duty
  • Erosion control
  • Danforth-Chain anchorage systems
  • Driven pile, Seaflex and winch & cable anchorage
  • Choices in utilities, lighting, decking and more
  • Delivered with minimum on-site assembly


Harrison Public Docks - HDB Breakwater During Wind Storm


Carlin Bay Property Owners Association Marina HDB Breakwater During Wind Storm


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