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Tri Star Industries is your marketing solution whether you are a manufacturer or distributor doing business solely within your domestic market or international

Finding and working with qualified manufacturers to develop and produce product lines   required by our client distributors.

Designing the right marketing strategies that give our manufacturing clients the edge in    penetrating and capturing market share for their products; especially in the destination    markets of the Americas.

The benefits of our language and cultural skills and experience of the Latin American and    Asian markets.

If you are a distributor looking for that experienced manufacturing supplier to produce your products at the most economical costs or a manufacturer desiring to find new markets for the products you currently market, please click on this link to send us an inquiry.

We will be delighted to explore with you how we can match our resources with your needs to create solutions.

  Solution for Manufacturers

If you desire to explore new international markets for your product lines, we invite you to put our global connections, experience and expertise to the test.

We have the capacity to assist in designing the right market entry strategy suited for the market you choose to target and penetrate to capture market share.

Whether your entry strategy calls for the development of a joint-venture partnership, agency or wholesale distributorship with well-connected local partners in your destination market, we have the solutions to meet your expectations.

With our connections and language and cultural experience, especially in markets in Latin America and parts of Asia, we strongly encourage that you dialog with us.

Please click this link to our contact page to give us the opportunity to learn more about you and how me might best be able to serve you!

  Solution for Domestic Distributors

If you have a specific product line that you would like to represent in your domestic market, or to have custom manufactured for your own brand, we can help to connect you to the right manufacturer.

Whatever your product of interest, we encourage you to give us the opportunity to help you find the right source and solution for you.

We have access to numerous global and domestic manufacturers who are actively seeking to establish mutually beneficial relationships with proven distributors who have what it takes to introduce new products and aggressively capture market share in their local domestic markets.

If you believe this describes you, please click this link to our contact page to give us the opportunity to learn more about you and how we might best serve your needs!

  Commodity & Product Sourcing Services

At Tri Star, we often get inquiries from companies that are seeking to source specific commodities and products at the most advantageous prices and terms.

If you are one of those companies seriously exploring sourcing options for your specific needs, please click this link to our contact page and allow us to learn more about your needs and how best we might be able to assist in sourcing to your satisfaction!

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